REP Gmbh – Producing valuable crude oil

REP GmbH produces valuable crude oil, making a major economic contribution that supports the long-term, local production and supply of this vital raw material. The high-grade crude oil produced in Upper Austria is marketed exclusively in Austria, safeguarding high-quality industrial processing in sectors where it is an indispensable resource.

REP has a wealth of experience in domestic oil exploration and production. Thanks to its technological expertise and innovative methods that have won it admirers abroad, REP operations are exceptionally efficient. Technologies and automation solutions developed in-house play a key role in boosting efficiency and optimizing oil production. This helps to maintain the commercial supply of domestic crude oil, cutting the country’s dependence on imports. We develop reuse strategies that support renewable energy generation, which forms a core element of our resource-efficient, sustainable approach.

Our capacity for innovation, sustainable and future-proof solutions, and vision to be an industry trendsetter that not only spots business opportunities at an early stage, but also exploits them have long made the company successful, and an important partner for tomorrow’s renewable-led energy landscape.

Fully owned by RAG Austria AG, REP GmbH produced about 50,300 tons of cruide oil in 2022, which corresponds to about 12% of Austria's total oil output. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of this essential raw material needed by industry in Upper Austria each year.


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