Customers are supplied with import-independent and supply-secure crude oil from local deposits.

Environmentally friendly and efficient oil production that conserves resources, ensuring secure raw material supplies over the long term and integrating these into an sophisticated circular economy – in terms of REP GmbH’s sustainable production approach, this is a responsibility and a challenge.

Efficient, local and environmentally friendly

The development and implementation of efficient, resource-friendly production methods have made REP GmbH an international trailblazer in this area, and have enabled it to continue developing existing fields with a view to safeguarding domestic production for years to come.
Before it is transported, the oil produced is processed (in separators and tanks), and formation water and solids are removed. The natural gas produced is mainly used to satisfy REP GmbH’s own energy requirements. The crude oil is collected in tanks before it is shipped using environmentally friendly rail transport for high-quality processing. Water separated from the oil is returned to the reservoirs.

The quality of the crude produced is exceptionally high, making it easy to process. Depending on the fields they come from, our grades are either paraffin or asphaltic base crudes, with similar quality specifications to Brent blend. Our crude oil is marketed exclusively in Austria, supporting security of supply in the country.

“We keep transport routes short, protect the environment, enhance security of supply, generate added value for the country, safeguard jobs, and minimise transportation costs and emissions.”


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