Protecting staff, local residents and the environment

Safety is REP GmbH’s top priority. The company meets the highest safety standards in order to ensure a safe working and living environment for all of our staff as well as local residents and municipalities.

Use of modern technology, outstanding continuous training for our team, and ongoing servicing of our facilities ensure the highest standards of quality, industrial safety and environmental protection.

Health, safety and the environment are the pillars of our management system, which plays a central role at our company. Compliance with legal regulations is a matter of course. On the basis of clear processes, efficient communication, and clearly defined guidelines and instructions we go one step further, setting ourselves a target of zero accidents in all of our activities.

Besides the health and safety measures designed to protect our own workforce, we also integrate contractors closely into our safety activities.

Safety at facilities

All processes at REP GmbH are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We pay particularly close attention to minimising energy use and emissions, use of waste avoidance technology, and new methods for continuous surveillance and testing of plant and pipelines.

RAG’s safety provisions are assessed by independent auditors on an ongoing basis and are SCC-certified.


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