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Valuable crude oil

Use of domestic ressources

In the current energy and geopolitical situation, with the insecurity surrounding imports of primary products, domestic production of oil and gas has again become a big issue. It is our responsibility to extract and exploit local mineral resources in an eco-friendly way.

Optimization of environmentally friendly production and increasing efficiency 

The RAG Group operates existing reservoirs and fields in Upper Austria and Salzburg intensively for the public benefit. This applies both to optimisation of storage capacity and to increasing the efficiency of production.
REP has produced crude oil efficiently and carefully for many years, giving a major boost to the economy and contributing to the sustainable local production and supply of this mineral resource. We produce, store and transport oil in line with the strictest environmental and safety standards, to be used for direct, decentralised supplies that reduce import dependence. Our primary objective is to have sufficient quantities of domestic oil and gas available in Austria as an important raw material for our industry. 

Careful and frugal management of oil: Crude oil is far too valuable to be used for transportation or heating.

The high-grade oil produced in Upper Austria is marketed exclusively in Austria, safeguarding high-quality industrial processing in sectors where it is indispensable. On demand, it is made available for non-energy related applications and for non-recyclable products where it has no substitute as a raw material. REP production currently contributes around 50,000 tons of crude oil to about one-tenth of the raw material required in Austria. REP has a wealth of experience in environmentally sound domestic oil exploration and production. Proprietary technology plays a key part in boosting efficiency and optimizing oil production. 

Using cruide oil for non-energy related applications and non-recycable products

Oil is the base material for countless products and technologies that currently play a dominant role in our everyday lives and will continue to do so in future. Because of this, sustainability, conservation and efficiency are the watchwords in its production and use. Crude oil should be used carefully and only for applications where it has no substitute and recycling isn't possible. This applies, for example, to sealants, paints, varnishes, lubricants, adhesives and medicines.

Creating security of supply for industry, employment and value creation

Local supplies of oil and gas play an important part in economic and industrial policy, as they maintain employment and generate growth. Because of this there is a legal obligation to produce these materials. According to the terms of its national concessions, the RAG Group is both entitled and obliged to produce raw materials efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner from the discovered resources in place. The Austrian Federal Government’s “Masterplan Raw Materials 2030” (published in October 2021) explicitly provides for raw materials at existing fields to be extracted as fully as possible. 


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