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Protecting the environment

Responsible, safe production

Responsible stewardship of the resources at our disposal, protecting the environment and the climate, and being a good neighbour are our core values. Our operations make an important contribution to the Austrian economy, as well as promoting sustainable local raw material production.

Highest standards and innovative technology

We fulfil the highest safety standards in order to ensure a safe working and living environment for all of our staff, as well as local residents and municipalities. Use of the latest technology, outstanding continuous training for our team, and comprehensive servicing of our facilities ensure the highest standards of quality, industrial safety and environmental protection.

On the basis of clear processes, clearly defined guidelines and instructions, and efficient communication we go one step further, setting ourselves a target of zero accidents in all of our activities. Besides the health and safety measures designed to protect our own workforce, we also integrate contractors closely into our safety activities.

"We are committed to securing energy supplies for the future – through sustainability, environmental safeguards, careful use of resources and good relations with local residents.”

Reusing reservoirs for renewable energy

Our pore reservoirs are valuable resources that will prove their worth over the long term. They preserved oil for millions of years in secure, environmentally friendly surroundings, and they will be used to store energy in the future, too. The possibilities are almost endless: from green gas to hydrogen produced from renewable solar and wind power, as well as geothermal use. With this in mind, all REP GmbH projects consider the potential that reservoirs have for subsequent use as renewable-energy storage facilities.