Protecting the environment

Environmental protection is one of our highest priorities

Together with safety, both environmental protection and responsible stewardship of Austria’s natural resources are paramount in everything REP GmbH does. Responsibility towards the environment forms a key element of our health, safety and environment management system.

Reusing reservoirs for renewable energy

Our pore reservoirs are valuable resources that will prove their worth over the long term. They preserved oil for millions of years in secure, environmentally friendly surroundings, and they will be used to store energy in the future, too. The possibilities are almost endless: from green gas to hydrogen produced from renewable solar and wind power, as well as geothermal use. With this in mind, all REP GmbH projects consider the potential that reservoirs have for subsequent use as renewable-energy storage facilities.

Environmental protection

When constructing facilities, REP GmbH takes preservation of the natural environment into account at the planning stage, as part of the environmental analysis. The amount of land used, as well as emissions and damage to the landscape are kept to an absolute minimum. Land is restored to its previous, greenfield state once a project has been completed. When constructing permanent facilities, REP GmbH is committed to creating environmental compensation areas.

Cooperation with public authorities, environmental protection experts, planners, local authorities and landowners is especially important, and we take account of their diverse requirements and interests from an early stage.

Efficient use of energy and resources

Where we can, we produce the energy required to operate our facilities ourselves, and we use it as efficiently as possible. We are also reducing vehicle emissions by changing over to a predominantly gas driven (CNG) fleet, and rolling out necessary refuelling infrastructure (CNG, LNG). These measures will reduce CO2 emissions significantly compared to conventional fuel types, and in some cases eradicate pollution (especially fine particulate dust) altogether.

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